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Events & Seminar

Some of the most common events are Conventions, Festivals, Corporate Events, Event Seminars, Business Meetings, Fundraisers, and Charity Events. Whether you are a beginner or veteran events planner, you still need to start on the right foot. The event ideas we mention here are intended to help guide you to success. Although there are many ideas, we will stick to a few popular ones.

Business Meeting Ideas

Creating meetings around various themes helps to give participants a sense of direction. Since a business meeting is supposed to be more work than play, music may not be a good idea, but a short documentary could crystallize company focus.

Building Something Great Together – Makes everyone involved feel needed and a part of the company’s future. It opens the floor for constructive input enhancing company goals.

Please the Customer – have participants focus on what makes the customer happy and how to improve in service with a smile.

We Shall Overcome – Encourages attendees to persist and reach for success despite perceived obstacles.

Be creative when kicking off meetings to motivate and inspire.

Dart Board – Start off the meeting by allowing some shots at a dart board. Best shot gets to start off the meeting, appoint the moderator, or make the first suggestion about the topic at hand.

New Vocabulary – Ask your group to bring seldom used or obscure words to the next meeting. Have them use it in a way that applies to your business.

“If I Ran the Show…” – This can provide some insight into feasible changes that can improve things in important areas. Ask your staff what they would consider the perfect job, location, and work environment. Now that you have them thinking without boundaries, ask them what project would they work on or what special thing would they do if they ran the company, office, or department.

Fund Raising Ideas

Consider the following suggestions:

BBQ’s – Everyone loves a BBQ, they can be a fun way to rally support for your cause.

A Raffle – There are many fashionable products that would strongly attract customers.

Car Wash – When the price is right a car wash is a valued service that can easily raise funds.

Charity Event Ideas

Promoting awareness as much as possible is paramount to your charity event success.

Dinner – Awards are distributed to honorees that helped to achieve landmark milestones for the organization. Tickets can be sold commercially or through your network of friends and supporter. Invitees attend a dinner where presentations are made regarding the organization’s accomplishments and goals.

Bake Sales – A prize is awarded to the baked item voted as first place, second place etc. by attendees. Every one of the organization’s members and their families can participate in producing their favorite specialties and these can sold at a profit to the organization at the “bake-off event”.

Auction – Many favorite goods or services can be auctioned off to raise money for your non-profit organization. Another approach is to involve local businesses to donate merchandise, time or even money to start your auction with a bang.

Corporate Event Ideas

There are some interesting twists to freshen up the atmosphere with entertainment. Motivation is very important in a corporate environment, so celebrating anniversaries and achievements will boost inspiration on all levels.

Comedians – Comedians use specific appropriate topics that help put the audience in the right mood.

Live music or Professional sound system – It is essential to select entertainment that is suitable for your guests and your business personality.

Magic Shows – Can be a pleasant introduction that provides a playful atmosphere.

Seminar Ideas

There are various styles in which a meeting can be conducted. Choosing the one that fits the current working climate can help propel everyone in the right direction.

Human Resource Seminars – Offer all sorts of employee performance training, management, and career development seminars. Help build up the proper work environment in your business or company by coaching, succession planning, key employee identification, and organization development.

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