How to Make Your Attendees Feel Comfortable at Your Event?


Planning an event and successfully pulling it off is easier said than done, and even the top event companies in Singapore can attest to that. Usually, when planning for a brand event, marketers stress over the logistics, programme, and trying to put together an overall flawless audience journey. 

However, some marketers unintentionally overlook the comfort that our event must provide. Unfortunately, although it seems trivial, audience comfort creates an impact on how a participant would rate the general event management and organization.

In event planning and execution, the huge chunk of stress is on the marketer’s shoulder, but the attendees can be stressed, too.

“Will I find the venue?” “Will I have a good seat?” “Am I going to be forced to interact with others?” Minor problems, yes, but those thoughts will absolutely increase your guests’ stress level, thus making them a bit edgier and tense.

Also, there is the fear of the unknown, which usually sets in when the audience is required to work in groups, participate in networking or ice-breaking games, or interact with strangers. 

Finally, attending events require lots of physical and mental energy that could leave your participants beat and tired at the end of the day.

So, how can you make your audience feel more relaxed at your event, reduce their stress levels, and increase their engagement with your event?

Here are some tips from the top event companies in Singapore to help you with that question: 

  1. Keep Their Tummies Filled

From light finger foods to sumptuous molecular cuisine, there is a myriad of ways in which you can surprise and impress your attendees with tasty food and drink.

However, weird, exotic, or unfamiliar food isn’t always your best bet. 

There are times your guests aren’t in the mood to be gastronomically adventurous and prefer to munch on something quick and familiar instead.

Remember that it’s better to err on the side of caution, so make sure there are always familiar options for them, to help them feel more comfortable.

  1. Prepare a Comfy Lounge Area

Participating in the event activities and going around the venue can be extremely tiring. Your audience needs a zone where they can escape to relax and recharge.

To make them feel more at ease, set up a cosy place for them to relax, such as a lounge with comfortable furniture and warm lights. 

  1. Engage your Audience in a Few but High-quality Activities

One of the things that will definitely drain your attendees’ energy is an intense event itinerary. The more activities you incorporate, the more likely your participants end up exhausted.

Having to run from one activity to another without any downtime or breaks will keep your audience from feeling comfortable, and they won’t enjoy the overall experience.

To prevent this from happening, keep it simple and engage your audience in a few activities, but focus on each activity’s value. Remember; quality over quantity applies in this regard.

Even the top event companies in Singapore have a lot to learn from Erdinger’s Oktoberfest. There were games and music, but the highlight was the first-ever Bar-Cycle in Singapore. The audience got to sample a range of Erdinger brews, hence generating hype for the launch of Erdinger’s limited-edition Oktoberfest brew. This short but unique experience on the Bar-Cycle is the kind of activity that the attendees would remember and talk about, long after the event is over.

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