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As the saying goes, two heads are better than one, modding is not an activity one can handle alone. Modders team up and exchange knowledge to create new mods, documentation, and tools. The accomplishment of the gta modding is an example of a teamed-up modification job. The modders were able to franchise success on PCs of the GTA because of the mods created. This popularity prompted the longevity and more success of the GTA series. There is the invention of new mods even after the GTA was released. What mods should one avoid?

1) Mods with virus
You can tell whether a mod has a virus when you check the comment sections for the mod and do a google search with keywords like “virus”. Mods can have a virus attached to them, therefore for a safety precaution, know whether the site you get the mods is trustworthy by checking how many downloads the mod received. A low amount of downloads is presumed unsafe.
2) Mods that have an installer
Whenever possible and at all costs, avoid these mods. Through mod installers, players keep track and stayup-to-date on the latest community-created content. These mods can make you install some other Android applications package (APK) before the one you wanted and you might even end up installing the wrong APK which means you’ve lost your precious data, you may get a virus on your phone, or, and most importantly losing your time.
3) Don’t download mods that are repacked
It is very important to download mods from reputable sources. Ensure the mod you are downloading is according to how the creator released it and not repacked by anyone else.Download mods that have been out for some time as they are more efficient.
Mods can be hard to install. Do thorough research before choosing a mod you would like to download.